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My FIERCE Workout Playlist

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My FIERCE Workout Playlist
Fierce Workout Playlist

Good music can be the BEST motivator when you need an extra energy boost or that push to keep going in a workout. Think about it  — listening to music in any situation can be a useful way to de-stress, so it makes sense that when it’s combined with working out it can have a positive impact not only on your workout but your overall mindset.

I LOVE using music as a tool to motivate me during my FIERCE workouts — my two favourite genres to listen to are definitely R & B and hip-hop. I’m also really lucky to have my husband (the world’s best DJ — DJ Sammy D!), who remixes my workout music to make sure it’s upbeat, energetic and gets me in the mood to power through an intense session. 

Why music is important to my workout

I love changing up my workout playlists like I do my workout styles, to help keep it interesting and keep me working my hardest!

It’s not realistic to think I will always feel good, fit, strong and motivated to workout. Just like everyone, there will be days where I jump out of bed, craving my session to come, and there will be days where I have to be disciplined, force myself to snap out of it and keep going, no matter how much I struggle through the workout. 

It’s on these days that I like to use music as a motivational tool. I crank my music up loud and use it as a way of pushing myself through whatever workout I am doing, whether it is a HIIT-style circuit, Muay Thai session, or a strength-based workout.

MY FIERCE workout playlist

Fierce Workout

I like to encourage all my clients to challenge themselves as much as possible during a workout, which is why I want to share my favourite workout playlist with you! My FIERCE workout program is a high-intensity and strength-based workout program so I find that upbeat, energetic songs help to motivate me the most.

Also, if there is one thing that matters when it comes to seeing results on your health and fitness journey, it’s consistency. My routine is important to me and I stick to it as much as I can because I know how important it is to consistently remain active. 

I chose these songs because they are upbeat and get me in the mood to work hard, even on those days when I don’t FEEL like it! Check out my FIERCE playlist, available on both Apple Music and Spotify within the Sweat app, filled with some of my current favourite workout tunes.

How to choose a good playlist

Best Workout Songs

Finding the right playlist isn’t easy. Don’t worry though, here are some tips on how to choose the best playlist for your FIERCE workouts:

1. Focus on BPM

As my training program, FIERCE, is about high-intensity workouts and strength training, it’s a good idea to choose songs that contain higher BPM (beats per minute). Choosing songs with a high BPM that matches the pace of your workout can encourage you to maintain a high-intensity and pace. 

Generally, anything over 120 BPM can help get you in the zone but for my high-intensity workouts, I would suggest songs around 145 BPM!

There are lots of music streaming devices that categorise some playlists according to songs’ BPMs. You could also check out some websites that allow you to type the name of your favourite song into a database and it will let you know of the BPM of that song. 

2. Choose energetic songs 

As I mentioned above, choosing songs with higher BPM can have a positive impact on your workout. It doesn’t have to be this complex though! Studies have proven that music can inspire you to work harder so simply choosing songs that have a good beat, like my FIERCE playlist, can encourage you to push yourself even further! 

By choosing songs with a high BPM that are also energetic and upbeat songs, can help to improve your mood and encourage you to keep pushing yourself. 

3. Choose song lyrics that make you feel strong 

Try to choose songs with positive, inspirational lyrics that resonate with you: I love choosing motivating songs that focus on courage and being fearless, because it helps remind me of where I am, how far I have come and WHERE I am going!

Listening to catchy and empowering songs can help you to stay in a positive mindset, especially on those days when you might need an extra boost of encouragement. 

Hit play and take your workout to the next level

It’s time to get in the gym and get fearless! Check out my ‘About Me’ page to get to know me a little better, then turn up my FIERCE playlist and see how it motivates you to keep going.

I’d love to hear what you think of this workout playlists, as well as know what songs get YOU feeling pumped! Let me know in the comments — and if you haven’t tried my FIERCE workouts yet, download the Sweat app and get your first 7 days FREE. 

For more health and fitness tips, be sure to follow me on Instagram at @chontelduncan.

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