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Chontel Duncan

Hi guys! I’m Chontel Duncan, a qualified personal trainer who loves to hit the gym and challenge myself in a variety of ways.

I’m a busy mum and business owner, so my workouts always focus on efficiency. To me, each workout should help you to grow and improve your wellbeing, even if you can only spare a few minutes each day.

Focusing on my health and fitness gives me the physical and mental strength I need to be productive and to perform at my best. I love taking my training to the next level, whether I’m doing Muay Thai, high-intensity circuits or pilates. The feeling that comes from achieving each goal inspires me to always give my all and I want to share this passion for fitness  with you.

My new program, FIERCE, is a combination of both strength training and high-intensity circuit-style workouts. Expect lots of variety to keep you mentally stimulated and engaged in your workouts. I want to help you to train for overall health and to improve your current fitness level — no matter what that may be.   

Don’t be intimidated! With each FIERCE workout, you will grow to embrace your strength and fearlessly overcome any challenge. Let’s do this together!

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